Embed Subtitles On Video for ADA Website Compliance and Improved SEO

This is an update to a previous post from 2019.  YouTube now will automatically create your subtitles for you. But if you download your video from YouTube, the subtitles do not come with the video. You have to download them separately.

You can still work on the timing in Creator Studio. Here’s the steps to get there:

  1. Login to your YouTube account, and click on Your Channel from the top right drop down.
  2. Click on one of your videos, then you will see a blue Edit Video button to the bottom right. Click on it.
  3. There should be a Subtitle box on the right side with an edit pencil – click on it.
  4. You can then adjust the timing with the verbiage and also correct typos and punctuation. When you are finished, click the Done button.
  5. Then click the Subtitles link on the left side of the screen.
  6. ON the right side of the screen beside the Edit button, click 3 vertical dots, and choose download. Download the file in .srt format. The file will download and be called captions.srt.
  7. Also, download the video – Click Details on the left.
  8. Above the video on the right side you will see Undo, Changes and 3 dots. Click the 3 dots and then download your video.
  9. Name both the captions.srt file and the video the same name – such as myvideo.srt and myvideo.mp4 and save in the same folder.
  10. From here, the directions should still work here for How to Embed Transcription in a Video for Instagram (free account works best for videos under 5 minutes) OR, you can follow the instructions below for VLC.

Embed Subtitles using VLC

  1. Install VLC Media Player on your computer.
  2. Now that you have your captions and video from the above instructions, open VLC.
  3. Click on “Media -> Convert/Save.”
  4. Click on the “+ Add” button and browse for the video file you want to burn the subtitles overlay into.
  5. Check the “Use a subtitle file” checkbox and browse for the subtitle file you wish to embed.
  6. Click on “Convert/Save” button; not on the little downward arrow
  7. In the next window, beside “profile”, there is a drop-down menu-box where you can choose what to convert your file to. I have mine set to:
  8. Now click on the Wrench tool button.
  9. Make sure the ‘Encapsulation’ option you have chosen checks the “Subtitles” property but it should already be checked if you linked to your srt file.
  10. Click on the Audio codec and “Keep original audio track” or your audio will not be saved/converted.
  11. Click on the “Subtitles” tab, check “Subtitles” then “Overlay subtitles on the video” checkbox. Then click “Save.”
  12. Back to the “Convert” window,  search “Destination file:” at the bottom and click on “Browse” to choose where to save the new file and rename it something new.
  13. So, once you’ve chosen where to save it and how to name it, click “Save”.
  14. Back to the ‘Convert’ window again, click ‘Start’ and wait few minutes/seconds for the  video to convert and export.
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Palmetto Air Balance

Palmetto Air Balance Website RedesignPalmetto Air Balance  & Water Balance is one of the leading test and balance companies in the Southeast. With offices in 10 cities and three states, the company employs the second largest number of certified Test and Balance professionals in the US and has served on some of the largest projects in the SouthEast.

The company initiated a rebranding that included a new website. Giraffe Web assisted in a completely new website in conjunction with their graphic designer. Using WordPress and the Genesis Framework, we coded additional SEO into the site initially to boost visiblity which has resulted in the website landing on the first page of the search engines in various markets and for various keywords.

Visit the Palmetto Air & Water Balance at https://palmettoairbalance.com/ to learn more about his company based in the upstate of South Carolina.

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Mann’s Best Friend Pet Sitting

The owner of Mann’s Best Friend Pet Sitters was in a bind. Not only did her web developer stop working on the site before it was finished, it used a theme and a page builder that it took the site over 20 seconds to load. The site also had no navigation and was not very appealing to the eye! We repurposed the little bit of content on the site with a new WordPress theme based on the Genesis Framework.

In addition, because there are a LOT of Mann’s Best Friend businesses out there, and the owner wanted to keep her .biz domain name, her site did not show up anywhere in search. We set up her Google My Business page and within a day her business was showing up locally. If she decides to sign up with our SEO services, she’ll see her business increase with higher visibility in the search engines but for now, we are sitting pretty waiting to see how it rises to the top!


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Carolina’s Choice Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

We first met the owner of Carolina’s Choice Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in a Resilient Entrepreneur class being led by Rick Burris of Leaders Fuel (highly recommended!).

David Johansen, the new owner, bought out an existing, local to Greenville SC, carpet cleaning business but needed work on his logo and a new website. David already had a great idea for his logo and we were able to help tweak it to what is is today. In addition, we set up his Google My Business and created a new website from scratch. The website is in WordPress using the Genesis Framework.

To have your carpet or upholstery cleaned, go to https://carolinaschoicecarpet.com/ and fill out the Free Estimate form, or just look around!

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How to Manually Add Transcription to Videos for Improved SEO and ADA Compliance For FREE

Most of the time I do not have the patience to watch even a short video. It can informational, inspirational, or instructional. I would rather read it with the sound off!  There are services that charge per minute for transcribing videos, but if you want it done correctly, sometimes you just need to take the time to do it yourself. Below are some easy ways to add transcription:

How to Add Transcription to YouTube Videos

Youtube has made it easy to add transcription (the below is for English transcription but other languages are available).

  1. Upload your video.
  2. View the video and click on the blue Edit Video button to the lower right of the video.
  3. Click on the Advanced Tab on the next screen, then underneath “Subtitles and CC for original video language” click “English by YouTube automatic”.
  4. Choose “Edit on Classic Studio”
  5. Click the Edit button on the top right:
  6. YouTube has automatically added verbiage to the left with the timing. Edit as needed.
  7. When finished, click Publish Edits.
  8. Click the Publish button for it to publish.
  9. You may want to download the .srt file to upload it to Facebook or other sites that might need an .srt file. Click the English button to go back to the Editing screen. In the upper left, click the Actions button, and choose the .srt file to download. Or, you can see other options that you might need.

How to Embed Transcription in a Video for Instagram

Instagram can be a bit of a bear because it is a round-about-way to get a professionally produced video on this social media platform. You can probably do it with Hootsuite or Grum or some other system that lets you plan posts to Instagram, but this is how I am doing it on-the-fly.

  1. Create an account at https://www.kapwing.com and choose the Subtitler Tool
  2. Upload or link to the video you want transcribed, then click the Auto Generate button both times. It can take about a minute or two for your video to be transcribed.
  3. While the video is transcribing, make an Instagram Cover for the video. The dimensions need to be 492 x 762 and can be a jpeg or png file.
  4. When Kapwing brings you to a page with the transcription, edit the verbiage as needed, then click the Create button on the lower left.
  5. When it is finished, download the video to your computer. (If you share it, unless you buy a pro account, it will it not saved for long.)
  6. Log into your Instagram account in Chrome or Firefox and click on your account icon.
  7. Click on “IGTV” and then click the Upload button to upload your video with the transcription embedded.
  8. Edit the video cover by clicking the Edit button and uploading the one you created in #3 above.
  9. Fill in the Title and Description of the Video and you now have a transcribed video on Instagram!
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Environmental and Civil Engineers

Rogers & Callcott Website Redesign by Giraffe Web Design ServicesThe team of Giraffe Web, Bickley Creative and Mighty Mouse Productions, redesigned and reworked all the content for a new website for the Rogers & Callcott.  The site is custom WordPress set up so that the firm can make updates as needed. The content has been organized in a better manner, featuring their state-of-the-art lab testing and reporting, various environmental, civil engineering and air quality consulting services, and their comprehensive environmental, health and safety courses that have an online signup.  https://www.rogersandcallcott.com

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Who Needs Tacos?

New website, new restaurant designed by Giraffe Web Design Services, Greenville SCWith a plethora of taco places opening in Greenville, Taco La Barra opened with a splash.  This startup restaurant needed a website to reflect its fun and loving nature.  With graphic design supplied by C3 Creative, we created a WordPress website to correspond with the branding C3 created on the premises.  Check it out and all the events and specials! https://www.tacolabarra.com/

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Infinity Pro StudioPress Theme IE11/Edge Fix Background Image Jumping

If you use the Genesis Framework Infinity Pro theme (or any theme with a fixed background), the background images will jump when scrolling in IE 11 (and numerous earlier versions but please don’t be using those!) and in most versions of Edge. A fixed background on a website has been doing this for years and Microsoft has not ever released a fix for it. The newer Edge browser may fix this since it will be using a similar base as Chrome, but there a so many people and companies still using IE11.  After searching for a solution, the only one I found only fixes the background image on the first panel.

Using CSS, you need to remove the first panel background image, and place a background image on the body tag.  Below is what I did (this may not be all inclusive to what you need so you may need to supplement below by doing additional searches for solutions on the internet):

@supports (-ms-ime-align: auto) {
/* Microsoft EdgeV13&14 CSS styles go here */
body.front-page {
position: relative;
background: url(place background image url here);
background-position: top center;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-size: cover;
#front-page-1 {
background: none;

@media all and (-ms-high-contrast: none), (-ms-high-contrast: active) {
body.front-page {
position: relative;
background: url(place background image url here);
background-position: top center;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-size: cover;
#front-page-1 {
background: none;

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Make Your Phone # Clickable

Sometimes I get an e-mail and need to call someone back. Image that – an actual phone conversation.  And, I don’t have their phone number in my address book. If I am on my phone, I want to click their phone number to call or I have to try to memorize it to put it into my phone to call. Yes, I could ask Siri or Google Assistant to call but they don’t come with a southern accent if you know what I mean.

Regardless, you need to make your phone number in your email signature clickable. In MS Outlook, it is easy to do.  In Options, Mail, Signatures,  you can type in your phone number as usual.  Click the link icon, and in the blank box beside Address, type tel:1-xxx-xxx-xxx, then click the OK buttons as you close the windows. 

For gmail or G Suite, you can go to your settings, general, scroll to signature to do this. Make sure you save your new settings.

For outlook.com, click on settings, more Outlook settings, mail, Compose and Reply.

If you have another email system, ask your provider or search online for how to add or edit your signature.

Here’s to quickly calling you back!

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PayPal Automatic Payments

Earlier this year I had an automatic payment on my business PayPal account that a client was supposed to login to the vendor and input their own payment info, which they failed to do. I did get reimbursed by the client but there is recourse to remove any authorizations for future payments from your PayPal account.

This was a good lesson for me to make to make the time to review my list of authorizations on PayPal. I would suggest you login and view who you have authorized to draw money from your PayPal account.  Since most PayPal accounts are directly connected to your checking account, and with the daily news about security breaches, login to see who has authorization:

  1. Log into your PayPal account
  2. Click on Profile
  3. Click on Profile and Settings
  4. On the left, click on My money
  5. Scroll down and click on “Set Automatic Payments”
  6. All your authorized payers will be listed.
  7. Click on any that you want to cancel as being authorized.
  8. Beside the Status, you can click on “Cancel”
  9. Click Yes to Confirm

Be sure to use the “Active” filter as there may be several pages of active authorizations that you would want to cancel. Even if you are unsure whether to cancel anyone on your list, you should always be able to use your PayPal account again at the same vendor without any problem.

You should also check this on your personal PayPal account too. The steps are a bit different:

  1. Click on the settings icon
  2. click on the payments link
  3. click on Manage automatic payments
  4. You will see a list of who is authorized to automatically withdraw from your account in the future.
  5. Click on any you want to cancel.

You may also want to click on Security and double-check your permissions.


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