Judy Benedict of Giraffe Web completes coursework

Judy Benedict, owner of Giraffe Web Design Services (www.giraffeweb.net), a Greenville, SC-based website and graphic design firm, recently completed the following courses: Intro to HTML, a course covering the latest standards as instituted by the World Wide Consortium (WC3) for Transitional, or loose Document Type Definitions (DTD),  HTML Level 2, a course covering the Strict DTD, JavaScript, Universal Accessibility, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets, a course covering stylistic presentation for the Web Accessibility Initiative (use of CSS for improving access for the disabled) and for which all future HTML and XML will use in the future, and  Sites that Sizzle: Web Animation with Macromedia Flash 5, covering the most advanced tool (Flash) on the most advanced medium (the Internet) for use with web animation.

Over the past two years Benedict has completed over thirty web sites. Benedict is a member of the HTML Writers Guild, recognized world-wide as the leading educational organization for web authors.

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