Wav Files, Macs & Flash

I have a client that loves sounds on her websites. I am not going to expound here about the pros and cons of sounds because regardless of anyone’s opinions, sometimes you have to pick and choose your battles!

The problem I had did not come to light until this client purchased a Mac for her PC-based office, and of course the first web site viewed on it was their corporate web site. Instead of the sound of people laughing, all they heard was static, and it was loud and annoying.

I had placed a .wav sound in SwishMax to play when the site opened.

The static was a result of exporting the SwishMax file using the export option .sw6 (for version 6 of the Flash Player). The fix was described as this:

“Mac by default uses quicktime as the swf player.
Quicktime can only handle swf4 format.”

So, I immediately exported the file as .sw4, uploaded it and tested it on the Mac, and the problem was resolved. I would like to thank Michael Chrysler up at the SwishMax forum for helping me with this! Since it was posted earlier this year, it has been viewed about 400 times.

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