File Naming Conventions & Display

A recent topic about how to display a domain name that is written or printed turned into a more developed topic of file naming conventions. So, let’s tackle the first question:

How should we display a domain name in a document?
Normally, you don’t need to display the http:// part for a domain name. However, the www part is important. Some domain names will not work with the www in front of the domain name, but most do. Some work with www there or not there, but it depends upon how the domain name is set up with its A records. (Another topic entirely for another time). However, when displaying the domain name in a document, for ease of human readability, the domain should be displayed as such:

By capitalizing the main words in the domain name, it is easier to read the domain name, and domain names are NOT CASE SENSITIVE!! This means that when you purchase a domain, you purchase the rights to the domain name in both upper and lowercase, or any combination thereof. Also, this makes it so easy to read the domain name and it is easier for a person to remember your domain name.

So, when does case sensitivity matter?
Any filesnames of files that reside on the web host server are case sensitive. This means that if you save a file as:


it is not the same as:


This is one of the most common mistakes people have when placing files on a web server, because their computer may not make the distinction clear between an image.JPG file and an image.jpg file, but the web server will not display your image file if you don’t have the correct file name, in all its upper and lower cases.

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