DNS Services

Last year when we had our web calendar spamming incident, I was talking to another web developer here in town who suggested we look at Google Apps for e-mail.  Right now I am forever grateful to this guy for pointing me in this direction, as I was heading to getting another server just to host e-mail.

This also set me up to be able to upgrade the web server easier because I spent the last few months of 2007 and first few months of 2008 changing about 100+ domains DNS settings.  Since I have several clients that purchased their domains elsewhere, this presented a challenge because some of these domain resellers do not offer any DNS services.  This is when I turned to ZoneEdit.com.  I was able to set the domain to ZoneEdit’s nameservers, then log into ZoneEdit and split out the DNS records so that the e-mail flowed through Google Apps and the website points to my server.

My domain registrar also offers DNS servers for domains that are not purchased there, so I plopped a few of them over because of the number of hits on their websites it was cheaper to do that then worry about them going over their bandwidth limits on ZoneEdit, which are really quite generous as they are.

So, if you find yourself needing some DNS services and your domain registrar does not offer them, check out ZoneEdit.com!

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