Flash wmode=”transparent”

If you are having trouble with your menus dropping behind your Flash, you can fix this with the wmode=”transparent” parameter.  The problem is that the average person would not understand how to add this to their Flash if they are updating their website themselves.

In a previous post I touted the great resource at http://www.tools4noobs.com/picasa/ that will convert the RSS feed for an album so that it displays better when embedded in your html pages.  However, I have a flyout menu on the site and it was flying out behind the Flash slideshow.  I was having to manually add the transparent parameter to the embed code which the client will not be able to do easily when they start to update the site.  So I e-mailed Tools 4 Noobs yesterday, and this morning I have a reply where this parameter was added to the generated code.

Thanks Tools 4 Noobs for being so responsive!

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