Flickr Slideshow for your webpage

In my previous post, I wrote about a few differences between Flickr and Picasa and my reasoning for having to use Picasa over Flickr, which mostly boils down to the the fact that Picasa offers much more storage space and multiple sets, or albums.

The main reason I wanted to use Flickr is because of a slideshow program that will work embedded in your html pages and if you have the photos up at Flickr, you do not need PHP to run this slideshow. One of these clients does not have PHP enabled on their server, so this looked to be the perfect program to use:

The premise is that my client could update their photos themselves and they would present themselves in a more ‘professional’ manner on their website.

However, one of my mantras is that you cannot expect much for free, so if you are not willing to pay, you have to settle for what is available. And from what I have seen so far, Flickr and Picasa offers much more for free than you would think!

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