Local Press Releases

As someone who does not normally send out her own press releases, I was a bit appalled at how hard it is to try to send them out to our local media.

What I consider immediate local media would be: The Greenville News, The Greenville Journal, Greenville Magazine, The Chamber Outlook, G Magazine and GSA Business.

The press release I was sending out was 2 sentences and a photo attachment.  Greenville Magazine did not have anyway to attach a photo to their contact page. After spending a few minutes digging, I found an e-mail address for them, editor@, which immediately bounced back as no such user.  I think searched for the editor’s real address, which I found and sent the e-mail.  

G Magazine‘s contact e-mail on their website bounced back as ‘no such user’ on their server (editor@). 

The Greenville News website is so confusing, I am now thinking I probably gave up (since this was almost a week ago).  No wonder the paper is so lacking in any real news.  The Greenville News made a huge mistake when it stopped the separate business insert, because most people I know stopped reading the paper after that.  Their local business news is lacking because most businesses, unless they have a marketing firm already doing their work, can’t figure out how to navigate The Greenville News monster of a website so they can send out any news!

If I didn’t already think I knew who to send the information for the Chamber Outlook, I would not have been able to send it.  I am still not certain it went to the correct person.

I now think that I got so frustrated and this took so long to find new contact information, I completely forgot to try to send anything to the Greenville Journal!

So, even with GSA Business selling out to another publication, I was still able to send a press release to this publication and it was a pleasure to receive their auto-reply that it was received, instead of a bounced message!  The winner is….GSA Business!!!

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