The Importance of Upgrading Your Browsers

Someone on one of my lists sent a link to this article: The article highlights that there may be a ‘middle-man’ between you and the ‘secure’ website you are browsing. It offers a few tips to make sure you are really connected securely, but to me the most important is that the article mentions having the latest version of your web browser.

Yes, I still have IE6 on this laptop because my server logs show it still very highly ranked as the browsers that are visiting my client’s websites, but I have IE7 on all the other systems we have, as well as the latest version of Firefox.

I also have an entirely different reason for wanting the browser to be upgraded. As web developers, we are constantly having to deal with client’s websites displaying properly in the various versions of browsers out there. Not only do we check the sites in IE7, but IE6, Firefox 3 and Safari. If we really want to torture ourselves, we also look at the site in Opera.

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