Bob Hild Textiles

Heavy Duty Industrial Fabric | Heavy Duty Truck Cover Tarpaulin Fabric | Seatbelt Fabric | Waterproof Textile Fabric

Bob Hild found us on Google.  You can find Bob Hild on Google.  We launched his one-page nylon & vinyl seatbelt and tarp website on April 6th, and within 10 days he is showing up for his keyword phrases on the first page or two of Google – in the organic search area, without even submitting the site to any search engine as we are still in the final stages of tweaking the copy.

What Bob does is he works with several textile manufacturers that supply fabric for truck tarps, grass catchers, conveyor belts, seatbelts and other similar uses.  The fabric is a strong, industrial weave, is coated to be waterproof and comes in Nylon & Polyester  Polypropylene mesh and Vinyl Coated Waterproof fabrics.

To order, you need to call the phone number listed on the site.  He accepts credit cards.  Visit his site at

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