Plan2Teach E-Z Lesson Planning for All Teachers

plan2teach - teacher planning software

The owner of this website contacted Giraffe Web to recode their website by taking it out of an all-Flash presentation to html because the site was not showing up at all in the search engines, and there were some functional problems that they wanted corrected.  In addition, they wanted to be able to update some of the information themselves and could not do so unless they planned to learn how to code in Flash! plan2teach is  lesson planning software that is  easy to use and portable.  This software allows the user  to record lessons one time and save them forever. plan2teach is written for teachers from kindergarten to university level. “You won’t believe what this lesson planner can do for you!”

You can visit the plan2teach website at: Tell all your teacher friends!

“Giraffe Web Development and Design constructed an appealing web site to promote Plan2Teach.  Judy and her team provided our business with instant expertise that would have taken us years to acquire.  She has been unfailingly patient with my many questions and has used our association to teach me how to be a more successful entrepreneur.”

Rosemary Moore Marketing Director

Plan2Teach-E-Z Lesson Planning for All Teachers


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