Google Apps – Nifty E-Mail Migration

We have a new client that wanted to move their web hosting and e-mail.  We set up most client’s e-mail in Google Apps for Your Domain.  However, this client is only using their webmail feature and is not using any mail client on their computer to download e-mail.

Our old method was to download the e-mails to Outlook Express, then export them but this client just wants to continue using a web-based e-mail and their mobile phone for checking and sending e-mail.

So, we set up a Google Apps account and created an e-mail address that was different from the one we wanted to pull from.  For example, we set up the Google Apps account at  We created an e-mail address such as   We opened the e-mail address,, clicked on Settings, Accounts, and set up the POP settings for their e-mail account ( at the other server.  Once we clicked Next, the e-mails all were pulled into the online e-mail account.  This is before made any DNS setting changes for the MX  records.

So, now all the client’s e-mails are in the new account and we can change all the MX settings and the client is happy!

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