When Does my Google Listing Expire?

google-businessToday another of my clients asked about their Google listing expiring. I receive  numerous requests from clients who tell me they have up to 10 calls a week telling them their Google listing is about to expire, or has already expired.  Let me set the record straight – your Google listing does not expire.

These are telemarketing calls from a company that is trying to have you pay them to list your business on Google. More than likely, your business is already on Google but may not have all the information, or all the correct information. If it is not, getting it on there is only one part of a planned search engine optimization strategy.

The next time you receive a call like this, ask them their company name – it will not be Google. Ask them what they are really trying to sell to your company. If you receive an e-mail with the same claim, send it to the trash bin.

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