Happy Anniversary from the City of Greenville

Back in June of 1998, I starting working on my first website. However, the birth of Giraffe Web (the name) began in 1999. It wasn’t until 2002 that I formally created the LLC that would become Giraffe Web Design Services, LLC.  Frankly, my logo was a clip art giraffe, as I had the Macromedia design suite that included Photoshop, but had no idea how to use it.

Around this time period, LLCs were still a relatively new concept. Another friend of mine suggested I look into setting up an LLC so I called the IRS and acquired a tax ID and filled out the paperwork that I sent to the South Carolina Secretary of State, and Giraffe Web Design Services became Giraffe Web Design Services, LLC.  I had already obtained a business license from the City of Greenville, but today I opened up the mail and 17 years later (not 15, but who’s counting?) I received the below. I am very grateful for the acknowledgement from the City (and the rebate check)!

Happy Anniversary to Giraffe Web from the City of Greenville

Several years later, I asked my friend, Ted Durham, who at the time had his own graphic design firm, to design a giraffe that resembled my personality.  So, my new giraffe logo was born!

And, here we are today, actually 19 years after I worked on my first website! I am grateful to all the people – locally and online, who have helped to grow Giraffe Web and for pushing me personally to keep up with the times.  Every day is a learning experience in this business.


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Eastern Design Services

Alas, Eastern Design Services website was well over 10 years old.  We were able to clean up their logo and create a new, updated look, placing the new website in WordPress.  We added the ability to update current job openings and interested candidates to be able to send their resume.  We also added information for employers to contact Eastern Design.  As a consequence, without even working on any SEO for this website, it has moved from not showing up at all in search to the 2nd page within a few weeks.

Eastern Design Services Old Website

Eastern Design Services Technical Contractor Staffing Greenville SC

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The Palmettos Mauldin

The Palmettos Mauldin website was over seven years old and time for a facelift, as well as some rebranding by DNA Creative Communications.

The Palmettos Mauldin old website

The Palmettos Mauldin New WordPress Website

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ABA Autism Services of South Carolina

ABA Autism Services of South Carolina’s previous website was built on the GoDaddy website builder. The website did not show up anywhere in the top 100 searches. We recoded the site into WordPress and started organic search engine optimization and the site started to show up for several main keywords within the first 10 days. We continue to work on the SEO for this website going forward.

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Commercial Photography: Reel Video & Stills

Recent re-launch: Reel Video & Stills at http://www.rvstills.com.  After eight years, it was more than overdue to redesign the Reel Video & Stills website.  This time, it was rebuilt in WordPress and is responsive design.

The content has been expanded to include more about the team, the media conversion, and other services that Reel Video has been offering for years but not publicizing.  View sample photography slideshows: aerials, architectural interiors & exteriors, portraits, events, products and stock photography of the upstate of South Carolina; current photography work; and sample videos.

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HELO Wearable Technology

It took one look for me to decide to become part of the future of Wearable Technology – the HELO LX.

The HELO LX is being Launched in 196 Countries!

Take a look at https://www.wearablelifestyles.net and so you can become a part of the HELO Project too! Welcome to Wor(l)d Global Network!

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RL Kunz Air System Pros

RL Kunz was using a very old WordPress template that could not be updated easily and was a security risk.  In addition, the site was not responsive and mobile friendly. Along with the team of  Bickley Creative and Small Yet Mighty, the site design was customized and hand-coded, page-by-page, and made responsive and mobile friendly.  In addition, with the emergence of Google’s Chrome displaying notifications that a website may not be safe to browse, the entire site is now behind https.  We couldn’t be more please with how this website transformed into a very proud online presence for RL Kunz!  Please visit https://www.rlkunz.com for all your air system needs!

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Authentic Health – Natural Holistic Health

Several years ago Giraffe Web worked with Brenda Baker when she had a company that performed international adoptions.  She had two websites, A Loving Choice International and Brenda Baker Adopt.  About ten years ago, Brenda shut down her adoption business to continue on her second career as a natural holistic health practitioner.  We crossed paths in late 2015 when after working with two other web designers, her website was not showing up in the search engines, nor did it convey her message clearly.  With WordPress, we were able to create a new simple design, adding photography, blogging and video to her website. She closed down 2016 with a healthy practice and we are pleased to have Brenda as a client and a friend! Please visit her website at https://www.authentichealthsc.com.

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Do You Have a Business License?

Over the past twenty years, I have worked with numerous business startups, mostly from working with these entrepreneurs to create their online presence.  Several times the issue of the mechanics of setting up a business arise. One is licensing, which most builders or tradesman understand they need licensing but most other business owners have no idea about business licenses. The City of Greenville requires a business license if you are operating or doing any business withing the city limits.  If you are registered, every November you will receive a notification from the City for you to pay your licensing fee, which is based on your gross receipts from the year. The fee is due within the first 2 months of the upcoming year.

Every so often the City will drive through town to see if any new signs have been erected, or come into office buildings to look at all the business listings. If your business is listed, they will check to see if you have registered with the City and also paid your Occupancy fee.

Once you are discovered as having operated within the City limits of Greenville without a business license, the penalties can be devastating.  I personally know of two companies who claimed to not have been aware of the business licensing requirement and were assessed in the six figures to pay fees and penalties to comply.  When I incorporated Giraffe Web almost 18 years ago, I at least was already aware of the licensing requirements after having helped numerous business startups.

The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce is backing legislation to coordinate business licensing across the state of South Carolina, as the licensing requirements vary from city-to-city and county-to-county.  This way all business licensing will be uniform and streamlined across the state.  It is unclear if this will result in higher fees for small business owners.

Click here for the City of Greenville business licensing information and forms: http://www.greenvillesc.gov/340/Business-Licenses

If you want to read more, please visit http://www.thestate.com/opinion/op-ed/article72071037.html.

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Google Chrome to mark HTTP pages that collect passwords or credit cards as non-secure

Starting in January, your visitors may drop off your website if they see an insecure message from Google Chrome.  Google announced in September “To help users browse the web safely, Chrome indicates connection security with an icon in the address bar. Historically, Chrome has not explicitly labelled HTTP connections as non-secure. Beginning in January 2017 (Chrome 56), we’ll mark HTTP pages that collect passwords or credit cards as non-secure, as part of a long-term plan to mark all HTTP sites as non-secure.” Below is an example:








As a precaution, in November, SSL was added to the Giraffe Web hosting servers and most websites qualify for the free version.  If your website does not collect credit card information or have any type of login area to store passwords, then your site should not be alerted as insecure right away. However, our plan is that by the end of the 1st quarter of 2017 is to have all the websites hosted at Giraffe Web behind the https.

All other websites at other webhosts will be evaluated by Giraffe Web on a case-by-case basis, and we will let you know if your webhost offers Free SSL or you need to pay additional fees to enable SSL on your website.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us at http://www.giraffeweb.net/giraffe-request.php or call us at 864-232-6363.

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